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Jab me with that!?
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If you're considering visiting an acupuncturist or wondering what just happened "under the needle," you might be wondering...

Voci di qualità
Something's in my soup...
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If your TCM doctor sends you home with some very strange-sounding herbs, it's normal to have questions.

Lo sapevi che...
The TCM body

Traditional Chinese medicine has its own lingo for describing the way the body works, and it's very different from what you're probably used to. There are lot of words your TCM doc or acupuncturist might use that you've never heard before—Return to Spring looks at all the common ones in depth.

Self care
Obama tai chi.JPG
Michelle Obama tries tai chi

Traditional Chinese medicine is rich with tried-and-true wisdom you can use to improve your health. TCM's recognition that enjoying good health is a holistic endeavor means that it abounds with knowledge about diet, exercise, thought and emotions, relationships, and much more.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine has lots to say about the old adage, "you are what you eat."
  • Body and mind are inseparable—what does TCM say about your thoughts and emotions?
  • Did you know that exercises like qigong and tai chi share Chinese medicine's understanding of human health?
  • Quick, easy, super-simple self-massage is another important facet of TCM's health-improving knowledge
  • Does Chinese medicine have anything to say about sleep? Yes!

Festival della qualità del mese

Traduzione della settimana da Meta-Wiki

Questa settimana la voce da tradurre è:

(versione in italiano: Louis Ramond de Carbonnières)

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